Key Crew

Trent Duncan,Director:Trent Arms crossed pose White background

Trent Duncan is an award winning Independent Filmmaker with the unique ability to create narrative films that entertain and inspire a variety of audiences around the globe. From his epic Horror Fan Films to his educational Film School Boot Camp, Trent continues to be a major influence in the independent film community. Trent has created a variety of narrative films that have entertained audiences around the world.  He has  directed and produced several action, comedy, and science fiction short films. Many of these films have won various awards in film festivals around the United States. His films have won accolades that include Best Director, Best Thriller, Best Writing, Best Acting, Best Special Effects, several Audience choice awards, RAW Artist 2012 Orlando Filmmaker of the year, and voted one of the top 3 Filmmakers for Orlando Weekly.


John_CianciminoJohn Ciancimino, Set Designer:
John attended Valencia College in 2011 and graduated from Ralph Clemente’s Film Program in 2014. He has worked on several films both behind and in front of the camera. John looks forward to working on this project and creating some incredible sets.


alicia.jardinesAlicia Jardines, Production Manager:
A resident of Florida for the past 20 years has joined the team with her strong administrative and business background.  This past year she has had the pleasure of being apart of the production team for two local independent films. Alicia’s passion for TV and Film will contribute to supporting the powerful mission  of this project; which will shine a light on the ever growing problem of human trafficking that is happening right in our own backyard.


Eddy Torres, 1st Assistant Director:
E.J. Torres, is from Miami, FL. He studied at Miami Dade College. Eddy has worked on a number of ArrowHead productions. His passion and love for working on set where a team of people create a vision into a reality is what drew Eddy to the Traffic production.


Mark Saunders, 1st AC/Key Grip:
Mark Saunders is an UCF Film Grad -Cameraman-Director-Producer of music videos and commercials.



Matthew Tullo, Grip:
Matthew Tullo grew up in a small town of Avon Park, FL. He is currently attending full sail University for his bachelors degree for Film. He started filmmaking by making montages on YouTube, then he transitioned to making wedding videos, and now he works on narrative films. His favorite aspects of filmmaking are the lighting and camera departments.


Keil Zepernick, Stunt Coordinator:
Keil (Kyle) Oakley Zepernick was born and raised in the shadows of New York City. As a gifted athlete, standing at 6’10”, many doors were opened as he pursued a professional basketball career both internationally and domestically. Keil also played one game of the IFL arena football league for the Odessa Roughnecks. After stepping away from playing professional sports, he started a successful coaching career. Coach “Z”, as Keil was known by players, coached Division I NCAAJC, Division II NCAA and 5A High School basketball. In those five years of coaching, he helped developed a National Player of the Year and six All-Americans. Later, Keil moved into motivational speaking, where he spoke to thousands of high school and college students across the country about good decisions and being men and women of character. All these experiences made the transition into the world of stunts and acting almost seamless. Keil is married to the love of his life, Jenn; and they have three children.

Main Cast

Frank.LicardiFrank Licari:
Frank’s latest film “Walt Before Mickey” – a 1920’s Biopic on the early years of Walt Disney’s life directed by Khoa Le, was released theatrically on August 17th and is currently playing at select theaters across the country. Frank can be seen as “George Winkler” along side actors Thomas Ian Nicholas and Jon Heder. Frank also plays opposite Tom Cruise in a supporting role in the feature length film “Mena” directed by Doug Liman, releasing in Jan 2017. He guest starred in the season ending cliffhanger on ABC’s Nashville. Frank can also be seen in a recurring role as the FBI Deputy Director on “Graceland” which airs on USA Network. He can also be seen in a supporting role in the new film “Papa” by Academy Award Winner, Bob Yari and starring Giovanni Ribisi and Minka Kelly. The film just opened the Boston Film Festival and will be released in January 2016.

Angela WiniewiczAngela Winiewicz:
Angela Winiewicz, who plays the role of Kaley, is extremely proud to be joining the cast of Traffic. Angela was born in November, 2003 in Boston, MA where she began her modeling career at the age of 4 months old, and her acting career at the age of 2. She has appeared in many commercials and films such as Unbridled Chaos, One Night of Fear and Telepathia. She is best-known for playing Sarah Rayburn on the Netflix series Bloodline. Angela is in the sixth grade where she currently has a 4.0 GPA and is a member of Beta Club. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, climbing trees, designing and creating.


Oriana Bustamante:
Oriana Bustamante has been performing since a very young age as she competitively danced and was seen in different theatrical shows around the community. Oriana is currently a senior drama major at Osceola County School for the Arts. She recently studied at the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts over the summer and is excited to be given the opportunity to continue working in film with this production of TRAFFIC as she hopes to pursue acting as a career when she graduates high school.


Megan Ashley:
Megan discovered her love of acting through theater at the age of 7. Megan has been in numerous film and television productions since. When Megan isn’t on set, or in acting class,  she can be seen dancing. Megan is a completive ballroom dancer whose favorites dances are Swing, Vietnamese Waltz and Bachata.  Megan’s passion is entertaining people through the arts. She is very excited to be apart of the film “Traffic” and hopes that through this project we will be one step closer to stopping human trafficking.


Devin Merrick:
Devin Merrick attends the University of Central Florida, studying Human Communication. He has been acting for five years in numerous student and independent films.


Tre’Lyn Johnston:
Tre’Lyn Johnston began his acting career in the theater at the age of nine but has been performing for his family and friends since he was able to talk. In addition to his love for acting, Tre’Lynstudies film and television production and plays lacrosse. He is proud to be part of such an amazing project that will help bring awareness this important topic.

136eZoe Rosenfield:

“A bystander who shows ignorance and disregard to human trafficking is just as guilty as the person whom partakes in it, the only way to save the thousands of victims from trafficking is to turn indifference into action”.
Zoe has been acting since the age of 8 in theater productions as well as working in commercials around Florida.  Zoe loves entertaining through the art of acting and singing.Her  ambitions for the future  is to be a successful working actor in the future and have her own show. Zoe is very excited to be a part of “On Your Street”

Elias Jo’elElias Jo’el:
Elias Jo’el, was born in Houston, TX and has a Honduran/Puerto Rican lineage. He’s been acting for over a Year and has had the privilege of being trained by Kia Riddick-Taylor.  Elias has been a principal in several Universal Studios Commercials and his latest role was in the featured film “Providence”. When not acting, Elias enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter, playing lacrosse with friends and being a Brand Representative at Hollister. Elias is also a regular Sports Enthusiast at Walt Disney World Events, supporting organizations such as; Autism Speaks, Leukemia Outreach and Children’s Miracle Hospital.

Supporting Cast

Jeremy_KaminskyJeremy Kaminsky:
“Even though we all sometimes make mistakes and poor choices… we revel in the fact that we have the freedom to do so. If God chooses to not exercise the right to control us… our fellow man most certainly should not, either.”

Isaac Hollingsworth

Isaac Hollingsworth:

 “Not only does human trafficking halt the advancement of civilization as a whole, it also assaults humanities worth”

Isaac  is thrilled to be a part of “Traffic”. Having acted since the age of four in theater and television, “Traffic” is his first short film experience. He is exited to be a part of such an important project that will bring exposure and awareness to this very dark and present part of our society. Isaac wishes to thank the writer, cast and crew of “Traffic” for this amazing opportunity.



Mia Holland:
“These nameless victims need someone to represent their silenced voices.”


Bailey Galvulic:
“To put it simply, a person is not an object. No one deserves to be bought or sold.”


Victoria Rodriguez:
“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you didn’t know.”
-William Wilberforce-


Rachel DuRose:
“I don’t want to stand FOR victims of human trafficking because that makes it seem like they can’t do that for themselves. And I don’t want to take away their voice, the same way human traffickers do. That is why I stand WITH the victims of human trafficking.”


Maralee Thompson:
“I met a lady who was the victim of Human Trafficking. I knew it was something bad, but I had no idea what it really meant until I auditioned for this film. It’s important for parents and kids to understand that this doesn’t just happen in other countries! It’s happening right here, and it’s important that people know about it!”

Ashlyn Jade-Lopez

Ashlyn Jade-Lopez:
“Monsters aren’t always scary looking…..sometimes they hide behind normal looking faces.”


Grant Foster:
“Too have the courage to set free those who wish not the chains of seclusion, but to break the Bondage. We continue to pray.”


Frank Eramo:
“I cannot fail these girls by diverting my eyes from the invisible residue of slavery that clings to them like a shadow.”
-Marquita Burke-DeJesus


Matthew Kosto:
“And who is responsible for this appalling child slavery? Everyone.”
–Mary H. Jones


Vickie Westmark:
“We must educate our communities about human trafficking and unite to help end this heinous crime!”

Josh Cummins:
“Human Trafficking is a real issue. It’s time to bring it out of the shadows and into the light!”

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